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Challenge: Get out of the Coffin is one of the most successful events in Brazil. We were called to test the MultiplierApp technology, with the challenge of forming a network during the ongoing event.

Solution: A QR code containing the link to the electronic invitation, where people can register their social networks and multiply the live through their profiles, was placed only once and quickly in the projection system.

Results: With only 105 social networks registered in the test, MultiplierApp showed a result of 11.5% of the audience in real time, compared to the official YouTube of the event, which has 1.61 million followers, generating thousands of views and interactions: views , likes, comments and shares.

Challenge: held by CUFA and sponsored by Itaú, the Taça das Favelas - Free Fire is the biggest gamer championship between favelas in the world. It was necessary to generate audience, engagement and retention quickly and efficiently.

Solution: through previously existing WhatsApp groups, the electronic invitation was quickly sent to those involved in the action, connecting fans, players and many other people who could instantly connect their social networks, creating a mega live network. In addition to the 'real' lives, 'Autolive' was also used on days when there were no competitions, allowing the scheduling of previously recorded videos, making the network go live at the same time as these videos, further increasing engagement.

Results: Together, we broke the world record in shared lives in the Games segment in the world, with 700 social networks going live in several days and at the same time, generating thousands of views, interactions and engagements, in the largest gamer live network in the world ever it saw.

Challenge: It is estimated that US$ 12 trillion per year will be needed for actions aimed at equating our great challenges. Of the 200 largest GDPs in the world, 157 are companies, which demonstrates the economic power of organizations. The Global Compact Brazil Network, a UN initiative, held the first Global Compact Brazil SDG Award and needed to expand the Award's scope and engagement as much as possible.

Solution: since several large companies would participate in the 4-day event, and that it would be broadcast live and only on the Global Compact social networks, we suggest connecting as many participants as possible to a channel on the MultiplierApp, allowing the formation of broadcaster on social media.

Results: in the 4 days, 1.5 million people watched the live broadcast online, reproduced simultaneously on the social networks of 130 companies and people, generating more than 7 million in reach with 6.9 thousand interactions

Challenge: the number of people missing each year is shocking and even with all efforts the number of people found is very low. More than statistical numbers, each one represents pain without size, impacting mothers, fathers, children, siblings, entire families. It was necessary to find a way to do this in a different way, uniting more than pain, but hope.

Solution: we created the 'Volta Pra Casa' (Back Home) project and through the NGO Mães da Sé de SP and 24 other NGOs, we connected the social networks of 1,315 mothers, posting 1 video every day, counting the case of 3 missing children.

Results: in just 4 months and with the participation of all those impacted via comments on the posts on the network, we found 137 missing people, generating 40 million people in reach live on social networks, with more than 28,000 interactions, finally finding children, adolescents and adults, including 1 person missing for more than 30 years. Unfortunately, we also find cases of deceased people, but as we hear from many mothers who share the pain of loss on a daily basis: 'no matter how painful the answer is, it is better than the eternal pain of silence'.

Spotify + Deezer + 7

2 weeks

500 social networks simultaneously live

90M in reach • 350K interactions

UNESCO - Data Favela

2 hours

1,215 social networks simultaneously live

2.5M in reach • 4.5K interactions

Challenge: in partnership with CUFA - Central Única das Favelas (Favela Central Org), the Boost with Facebook program needed to train as many entrepreneurs living in favelas and micro and small businesses as possible on digital marketing, allowing them to increase sales on their social networks.

Solution: considering that CUFA itself, through its collaborators, volunteers and project participants, is a huge network of people, consequently from several social networks, we suggest connecting as many participants to a channel in the MultiplierApp, allowing the formation of a broadcaster on social networks, multiplying exactly the desired target audience.

Results: in 2 weeks, 617 social networks of micro-influencers were connected and pre-recorded videos were broadcast on them, all going live simultaneously at each appointment, forming a network with 1.2 million followers with more than 65K interactions.

Challenge: to increase the audience with the faithful, evangelizing in a multiplied way with the greatest possible efficiency and agility, considering the possible organic potential for the formation of a station during the event.

Solution: connect the social networks of the headquarters and 82 more branches of the Bola de Neve Church in Brazil and even several abroad, creating a station within the social networks for live transmission of the 3 days of the Congress.

Results: 2.7 million live views, 34 thousand interactions, 5 million post-event views, exceeding all expectations.

NetBet UK - Intersocial

2 months

1,200 social networks simultaneously live

60M in range • 20K interactions.

World Military Judo Championship

4 days

167 social networks simultaneously live

43M in reach • 3.5M interactions

Challenge: increase the audience with the faithful, evangelizing in a multiplied way with the greatest possible efficiency and agility, since in the pandemic the face-to-face audience dropped dramatically in churches.

Solution: connect the social networks of about 200 members, pastors or churches, creating a station within the social networks for live transmission of services (real lives from computers or cell phones) or messages recorded and scheduled in the app (Autolives).

Results: In just 30 days, redirecting through live calls and publishing links in posts, 12x organic increase in the number of people reached - from 1.8 million/month to 21.8 million/month - and also 12x organic increase in the number of engagements with publications - from 413 thousand/month to 4.9 million/month).

Challenge: At the time of President Temer's inauguration in 2016, the Federal Government used only the social networks of the Planalto and eventually of a specific Ministry for its live broadcasts. It was necessary to multiply the audience on social networks in the shortest possible time for the inauguration of the 24 new government ministers.

Solution: connect the social networks of the President, the Planalto Palace and all Ministries, instantly forming a broadcaster with enormous reach and engagement on social networks.

Results: in the 3-hour event, 21 social networks went live simultaneously, impacting 16 million people and generating more than 2 million interactions.

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