Multiply your 

and sales

on the social networks

Talk to thousands of people on social media through MULTIPLIED LIVES even with pre-recorded videos. 

SELLING FOR YOU is a powerful sales module that can be activated in any MultiplierApp channel.

If you work with Infoproducts, Marketplaces, Stores or Direct Sales, learn how to multiply your sales in a way that until now you didn't know it was possible. If you operate one of these platforms, you'll discover how to ACTIVATE 95% of your paralyzed sales force! Learn more by clicking HERE!

MultiZap is much more than a messaging platform: it is an interactive and complete platform, capable of mobilizing thousands of people in intelligent and pre-programmed journeys, with member get member, ranking and gamification, creation of groups by segment, polls , data, BI and more. Integrated with MultiplierApp, it helps you build your station on social networks much faster. It's the perfect combination, without having to download any apps, as WhatsApp and Social Networks are already installed and in people's pockets! Learn more by clicking HERE!

Send your link

In addition to connecting your own social networks, you can invite people through a link, which can be sent by any electronic means to anyone.

Connect people

People invited to retransmit their lives click on the link, agree (GDPR) and connect their social networks, forming their mega live broadcaster.

Your broadcast Station LIVE!

You go live on MultiplierApp, even with pre-recorded videos, and all the social networks of everyone who signed up go live, together and at the same time!

Do the math...

500 social networks registered on your channel


Average across your network of 1.000 friends, followers, or subscribers per social network


5 streams per week, real LIVEs or Autolives


 10.000.000 potential live impacts per month.



people reached by broadcasts through the sum of their followers.


views, likes, comments, shares, etc.



generating huge audience, engagement and sales for hundreds of customers.

André Lazaroni


It's the very best in multiplication technology on social networks.

Bispa Priscila Rodovalho


It's a tool that has been of great value to us.

Murilo Riedel


Greatly amplifies the range of communication.


Control Panel

Follow everything that is happening, in real time. Know how many people a LIVE is being transmitted to and everything about the interactions that are taking place.


Simultaneous broadcasts at scale and unlimitedly on one or more channels on the same account.

Electronic Invitations

Send a link for people to link their social networks to your broadcast channels.

Social Networks

Connect and stream to Facebook profiles, groups or pages, Instagram accounts and YouTube channels.

LIVEs calendar

Schedule your broadcasts in advance using recorded videos

LIVE Studio

From cell phones or laptops, use equipment connected to your computer or through OBS, VMix, Zoom, etc.


Store your LIVEs, recorded videos and other media files in our cloud for as long as you like.


Stream from any device with internet access, including smartphones and tablets.


Analyze the performance of channels and broadcasted LIVEs.

And much more

Discover more by creating a free account now!



Free trial 3 simultaneous social networks for a week!
  • Control Panel
  • Unlimited free social networks registration
  • Multiple transmission channels
  • Live and recorded videos
  • Scheduling of broadcasts
  • LIVE Studio
  • Simultaneous and unlimited streams 
  • Stream in up to FULL HD 1.080p
  • Streaming through desktops,
    smartphones or tablets
  • Compatible with ZOOM, OBS, VMix and others via RTMP protocol
  • Technical support
  • Reports
  • 10 GB storage
  •    U$   
  •    €   

U$ 19,7 / mo

3 simultaneous social networks included - Facebook, Instagram and/or YouTube.


U$ 4,9 / mo

for each additional concurrent social network - up to 50. Above, we offer the 'Custom' option.


  • Do you want a customized solution for your business and create communities with more than 50 simultaneous social networks, obtain progressive discounts, suggest business models or learn about our Commercial Partnership Program? Get in touch with our commercial team right now. We will analyze your case and draw up a specific marketing and communication strategy for you to make the most of all the tool's features, and the best at a different price!


What is MultiplierApp?

It is a video streaming platform, live or recorded, where all registered social networks go live, at the same time with you, multiplying your audience, engagement and sales.

Will I be able to use it?

Yes definitely! Using the platform is very simple and easy. And you can try it free for 1 week with up to 3 simultaneous social networks!

How many social networks can I connect?

You can connect as many social networks as you want and the amount of social networks transmitting at the same time is limited according to the contracted plan.

Do I pay anything to register social networks?

No. And even better: social media registration is free and unlimited! This way, you can even use the networks registered on your channel in rotation, putting different social networks in 'on' status with each live transmission.

Is it possible to guarantee 100% of registrations?

Social network registrations are unlimited and free, but as authorization comes from social networks, it is not possible to guarantee that everyone who wishes to register will be registered. On the other hand, the costs of the chosen plan will only affect the social networks that are successfully registered, which, in addition, can be used on a rotating basis, further expanding the application's cost-benefit ratio.

Can any social network go live with me at the same time?

Yes, and that's what makes MultiplierApp so powerful when multiplying audience, engagement and sales! In addition to your social networks (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), all people who register their social networks on your channel will go live at the same time, even with pre-recorded videos, just upload the videos by scheduling the date and time in the system.

Do I need any specific equipment to broadcast my LIVEs?

It is not necessary. The platform works on any device with internet access: computer, tablet or cell phone.

Do I need any other software to stream my LIVEs?

It is not necessary. Using LIVE Studio, the only thing you will need is an internet browser: Chrome, Firefox, etc. But if you prefer, you can use software that uses RTMP with a transmission key, such as: ZOOM, OBS, vMix, Wirecast etc, sending us the signal and multiplying your lives!

Do I need good internet speed to stream my LIVEs?

This is important, but not mandatory. When using LIVE Studio in 'webrtc' mode, where you choose cameras or audio and video cards connected to your equipment, the platform adapts in real time to your internet connection speed. But it is worth remembering that the better your connection, the better the quality of the transmission.

Is there a Commercial Partnership Program?

Yes. You can qualify for the Business Partner Program as a Digital Agency, Reseller or Referrer by clicking HERE.

Is there an Affiliate Program?

Not yet, but the good news is that due to the overwhelming number of requests, it's on the way! Subscribe to our 'Newsletter' at the bottom of the page to stay on top of this and many other news!

How do we handle your data?

We comply with the LGPD / GDPR and social media best practices as detailed in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.


In compliance with the GDPR you can view or download your data or disconnect your social networks whenever you want by clicking on:


Av. Júlio de Sá Bierrenbach, 65, Bl. 2 Gr. 717 - Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 22775-028, Brasil