Multiply your 



and sales

on the social networks

Talk to thousands of people on social media through


even with pre-recorded videos.

Send your link

In addition to connecting your own social networks, you can invite people through a link, which can be sent by any electronic means to anyone.

Connect people

People invited to rebroadcast your lives click on the link, agree (GDPR) and connect their social networks, forming your mega live broadcaster.

Your LIVE broadcaster!

You go live at MultiplierApp, even with pre-recorded videos, and all the social networks of all those who registered  to go live, together and at the same time with you!

Do the math...

500 social networks registered on your channel.


average* in your network of  1.000 friends, followers or subscribers per social network.


5 broadcasts per week, real LIVEs or Autolives.


 10.000.000 potential live impacts per month.



people reached by broadcasts through the sum of their followers.


views, likes, comments, shares, interactions, etc.



generating huge audience, engagement and sales for hundreds of customers.

André Lazaroni


It's the best in multiplication technology in social networks.

Bispa Priscila Rodovalho

Sara Nossa Terra CHURCH

It is a tool that has been of great value to us.

Murilo Riedel

hdi insurance PRESIDENT 

It considerably amplifies the range of communication.

See the potential...

MultiplierApp is the ONLY platform in the world that can unify the 3 biggest sales trends into one:


Massive, especially the micro, which have much more engagement.


Your content strategically comes first on social media.


Automation of bulk shares, until now manual.


Control Panel

Follow everything that is happening, in real time. Find out how many people a LIVE is being broadcast to and all about the interactions that are taking place.


Create one or more channels to broadcast your LIVEs.

Electronic Invitations

Send a link for people to connect their social media to your broadcast channels.

Social Networks

Connect and stream to Facebook profiles, groups or pages, Instagram accounts and YouTube channels.

Recorded Videos

Perform LIVEs using recorded videos

LIVE Calendar

Schedule your broadcasts in advance.


Store the LIVEs performed, recorded videos and other media files in our cloud, for as long as you want.

LIVE Studio

From mobiles or desktops, use equipment connected to your computer or through OBS, VMix, Zoom, etc.

High Scale

Perform simultaneous broadcasts at scale and in an unlimited way.


Stream from any device with internet access, including smartphones and tablets.


Analyze the performance of streamed channels and LIVEs made.

And much more

Find out more by creating a free account now!



Free trial 7 simultaneous social networks for a week!
  • Control Panel
  • Unlimited and free social network registration
  • Multiple streaming channels
  • Live and recorded videos
  • Broadcasts scheduling
  • LIVE Studio
  • Simultaneous and unlimited streaming  (on your social networks, with a 6-hour limit for third-party networks)
  • Stream in up to FULL HD 1.080p
  • Streaming via desktops,
    smartphones or tablets
  • Compatible with ZOOM, OBS and others via RTMP protocol
  • Technical support
  • Reports
  • 10 GB of storage


17,00 / m

3 simultaneous social networks included - Facebook, Instagram and/or YouTube.



5,00 / m

for each extra simultaneous social network - up to 100. Above, we offer the 'Custom' plan.


  • We offer progressive discounts from 100 to 15,000 simultaneous social networks.
  • Would you like to hire per day basis of network transmission?
  • Need to customize pricing or plans differently?
  • Is it a potential partner for business models based on this technology?
  • Do you work with sales or digital marketing and want to know about our Business Partnerships Program?

Questions and Answers...

What is MultiplierApp?

It is a video streaming platform, live or recorded, where all registered social networks go live, at the same time with you, multiplying your audience, engagement and sales.

Will I be able to use it?

Yes definitely! Using the platform is very simple and easy.

How many social networks can I connect?

You can connect as many social networks as you like and the amount of social networks broadcasting at the same time is limited according to your contracted plan.

Do I pay anything to register social networks?

Not. And even better: social media registration is free and unlimited! That way you can even use the networks registered on your channel on a rotating basis, changing different social networks to 'on' status at each live broadcast.

Can any social network go live with me at the same time?

Yes, and that's what makes MultiplierApp so powerful in multiplying audience, engagement and sales! In addition to your social networks (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), all people who register their social networks on your channel will go live, at the same time, even with pre-recorded videos, just upload the videos by scheduling the date and time on system.

Do I need any specific equipment to go LIVE?

It is not necessary. The platform works on any device with internet access: computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Do I need any other software to go LIVE?

It is not necessary. Using LIVE Studio, the only thing you will need is an internet browser: Chrome, Firefox, etc. But if you prefer, you can use any software that uses RTMP with transmission key, such as: ZOOM, OBS, vMix, Wirecast etc, sending the live feed to us and multiplying your live broadcasts!

Do I need good internet speed to go LIVE?

This is important, but not mandatory. When using LIVE Studio in 'webrtc' mode, where you choose cameras or audio and video cards connected to your equipment, the platform adapts in real time to your internet connection speed. But it is worth remembering that the better your connection, the better the quality of the live broadcast.

Is there a Business Partnership Program?

Yes. You can qualify for the Business Partners Program as a Digital Agency, Reseller or Referral by clicking HERE.

Is there an Affiliate Program?

Not yet, but the good news is that due to the high number of requests, it's on its way! Subscribe to our 'Newsletter' at the bottom of the page to stay up to date with this and many other news!

Can I also multiply on Instagram?


We are unique in the market and we are always reinventing ourselves to bring you the best service! We are writing a new story in world live commerce, enabling the creation of virtual communities, multiplication of lives, audience growth, engagement and sales on social networks.

We are currently integrated with Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and new social networks are on the way. Transparency is one of our pillars, so it is worth noting that today we have a success rate above 95% on Facebook and Youtube, but on Instagram we still have an error rate of 15% but we are working fast to reverse this scenario.

In context, we know of only 4 apps in the world that allow you to go live on Instagram as an administrator. Streams are paid individually and performed only on one Instagram at a time, with the need to copy and paste the transmission code for each Live.

MultiplierApp, with its unique mass streaming technology already tested and approved by countless customers, has extended its simulcast expertise to hundreds and even thousands of Instagrams.

However, as this is something that has never been done before, we are improving our success rates, working daily on the stability of our integration with Instagram to reach the same 95% success rate as other social networks.

Even facing unprecedented technological challenges in the market to be able to provide this large-scale multiplication on social networks, we understand that it is not up to you to invest beyond what is contracted, and above all, beyond your expectations. For this reason, if any failures occur on Instagrams registered on their channels, we commit to proportionately refund these failures in credits in the system until, together, we reach the 95% success rate also on Instagram.

Because our biggest commitment is the satisfaction of our customers!

Happy Lives!

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