1. PRIVACY POLICY – NTV – NEW TELEVISION COMUNICAÇÃO S/A: this document aims to establish the rules for data processing that include, for example, the collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission operations , distribution, processing, filing, storage, elimination, evaluation or control of information, modification, communication, transfer, dissemination or extraction of data collected from USERS, in addition to recording their activities, in accordance with applicable laws. When the USER accepts this Privacy Policy, he gives his free and express agreement with the terms stipulated herein.

2. Please read this ‘Privacy Policy’ (“Terms”, “Privacy Policy”) carefully before using the website (the “Service”) or the MultiplierApp on the Android and iOS stores, operated by NTV - New Television Comunicação S/A (“NTV Group”, “us” or “our”). Your access to and use of the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all visitors, users and others who wish to access or use the Service. By accessing or using the Service, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree to any part of the terms, you will not be permitted to access the Service. By using MultiplierApp, you are using YouTube API services. We use the YouTube Terms of Service and, by using MultiplierApp, you agree to be bound by the YouTube Terms of Service. We also follow Google's privacy policy and at any time, you can revoke MultiplierApp's access to your authorized data through the Google security settings page at You may also contact us at any time with questions, suggestions or complaints about Customer's privacy practices at or via chat at

3. Here you will find out HOW MULTIPLIERAPP ACCESS, USE, STORAGE OR SHARE YOUR DATA, respecting the LGPD - General Data Protection Law and GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation, limited to the practices explicitly disclosed in this privacy policy. You will also know WHAT WE CAN AND CANNOT DO ON THE SOCIAL NETWORKS YOU REGISTER ON, regardless of the standard message that will appear when approving MultiplierApp on social networks.

4. PERMISSIONS ON SOCIAL NETWORKS: when registering for the FIRST TIME a personal profile, page or group on Facebook or YouTube channel, this permission request will appear:

5. APPROVAL OF PERMISSIONS: It is essential that you APPROVE ALL PERMISSIONS so that we can publish live. But, why does this message appear, saying that we can even delete your posts, playlists and public comments?

5.1. This is a STANDARD MESSAGE and every and ANY SECURE APPLICATION must go through the approval process, which consists of a detailed permissions process:

5.1.1. After developing the app or improvements and updates, it is mandatory that the developer opens a request for approval on each social network;

5.1.2. This approval does not occur in Brazil, but at the headquarters of the social network. In the cases of Facebook and Google, together with the team designated for this, in California/USA;

5.1.3. It is also necessary to send a video, showing how it will be used, what features there are, what the end user experience will be like and if everything is in accordance with best practices, respecting data privacy in compliance with the LGPD - General Law of Data Protection and GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation, regulations and internal security policies, etc;

5.1.4. In addition, it is necessary to send a login and password, so that the engineers and technicians who carry out this evaluation can access, browse and test functionalities in practice, using it as a customer would;

5.1.5. Social networks then evaluate everything and can propose changes, if necessary;

5.1.6. If everything is 100% compliant and secure, only then does the social network approve the application and, in this way, it passes from the 'under development' environment to a 'public' environment, starting to work for the customers of that app.

6. DEFAULT MESSAGE CONTEXT: But, why does this default message that appears, saying that we can even delete your posts, playlists and public comments, not limit itself to saying what MultiplierApp can in fact, and not showing it all?

6.1. We understand that we are an exclusive and unprecedented app worldwide, in the sense of allowing people to connect remotely and securely, and that is why social networks guarantee us the highest level of approval possible, which is to go live on profiles that only you approve and register. But we also understand that social networks will not adjust to us, creating a specific message for MultiplierApp, thus showing the entire set of maximum approvals that an app can have.

6.2. Other apps that have the same level of approval and are known worldwide, such as Hootsuite, Buffer, among many others, despite not having the ability to publish simultaneous lives that MultiplierApp has, can indeed delete their posts, playlists and other functions, but their main functionality is the management of posts in a unified way, facilitating your work with numerous social networks simultaneously. Nevertheless, THE AUTHORIZATIONS GRANTED TO US ARE SPECIFIC AND ANY OTHER ATTEMPT BY OUR PART TO DO SOMETHING THAT HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED WOULD NOT WORK, as the information request commands or actions other than what we are approved to do were not proposed in the approval process , therefore they were not approved for public use or, in other words, they were not released in the API - Application Programming Interface, that the set of routines and programming standards for accessing a software application or web-based platform, in this case, the own social networks.

7. MULTIPLIERAPP PERMISSIONS WITH SOCIAL NETWORKS: later we will detail what we can and what we do, but in summary, MultiplierApp has permission only for the items below, related to the social networks registered in your account:

7.1. Read your public data: that you make public in the settings of your social network: your email and telephone, despite directly requesting both from you, when opening an account or registering on any social network;

7.2. Publish live videos, even if previously recorded: we are not authorized to publish videos, photos, audios or texts that are not live;

7.3. Read the information ONLY of the posts we publish through the MultiplierApp: we are not authorized to read other posts that you published, but, only in those we publish, we can read the reach, interactions, likes, comments, shares and views in the live transmissions;

7.4. Access, edit or delete other contents and settings: regarding any other posts, contents and settings that have not been published live by MultiplierApp, we are not authorized to access, edit or delete any other posts, comments, playlists, etc.

7.5. When you use our Services, you are trusting us with your information. We understand it's a big responsibility and we work hard to protect your privacy, putting you in control at all times. This Privacy Policy is intended to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it and how you can update, manage, export and delete your information.

8. WHAT MULTIPLIERAPP COLLECTS THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION WHEN OPENING YOUR ACCOUNT: We want you to understand the types of information we collect when using our Services. We collect information to provide you with better services and the best possible experience on our app. Under no circumstances will we trade your information or data with third parties. These are the data that, when opening your account, you must inform us in the registration form:

8.1. Your name;
8.2. Your email;
8.3. Your phone number;

8.4. This is required to initially approve the opening of an account with us. If you want to delete all data from your account or if you need to consult the data we have about you or delete it at any time in accordance with the LGPD - General Data Protection Regulation and GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation, access our portal in and visit the link ‘I want to unsubscribe from my social network’ located at the bottom of the page, follow the steps and a link will be forwarded to you to access, consult, download or delete the data. If you have lost access to this email or phone, please send an email to or via chat at and we will help you.

9. MULTIPLIERAPP COLLECTS THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION WHEN SOMEONE REGISTERES ANY SOCIAL NETWORKS IN YOUR ELECTRONIC INVITATION LINK, RELATED TO YOUR ACCOUNT: after approval of your account, MultiplierApp offers you an electronic invitation link that can be sent to as many people as you wish. By clicking on this invitation link, people can choose to join your channel, connecting the social networks they want, and thus becoming part of your network. If you have already registered, you can unsubscribe by logging into Facebook, YouTube or any other social network available. When you or any person register any social network in MultiplierApp, you must inform us in the account registration form:

9.1. Name - To properly communicate with you;
9.2. Email - to send you notifications about the expiration date of your approved registration and send you the same electronic invitation link again if you wish to register again;
9.3. Phone number - for the same reason as above, to send the same message using services such as SMS, WhatsApp or others available.
9.4. After logging in and accepting registration from your social network, we collect:
9.4.1. Public social media profile name;
9.4.2. Public image thumbnail;
9.4.3. Number of followers or likes, if it is a page.

9.5. This is necessary to show what you registered through the electronic invitation in MultiplierApp. If you want to delete all data from your account or if you need to consult the data we have about you or delete it at any time in accordance with the LGPD - General Data Protection Regulation and GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation, access our portal in and visit the link ‘I want to unsubscribe from my social network’ located at the bottom of the page, follow the steps and a link will be forwarded to you to access, consult, download or delete the data. If you have lost access to this email or phone, please send an email to or via chat at and we will help you.


10.1. MultiplierApp allows you to go live on multiple social networks simultaneously, so you declare in this act with the Use and Privacy Policies below, under penalty of having your account suspended or canceled for non-compliance with them, and may also, according to the severity of the offense committed, suffer sanctions in the civil or criminal sphere:



11.1. Whenever someone goes live, all subscribers go live at the same time. MultiplierApp offers a post report with basic public data about reach and interactions and that way the account owner can see how the posts are performing. The account owner cannot delete, view or edit anything on your registered social network, only publish live - as you have allowed - and only see specific public data related to posts we publish with your prior authorization. After any post is made via MultiplierApp, we collect this public data and by the way, as we use approved official APIs, we can only get basic information that is defined as public on any social network available. The preferences you set there always override the preferences of MultiplierApp or any other app in the world, regarding any information capture process. What we collect is:

11.1.1. Number of followers at the time of the live stream;
11.1.2. Number of interactions (likes, reactions, etc);
11.1.3. Number of shares;
11.1.4. Number of comments;
11.1.5. Number of live views;

11.2. This is necessary to show what is published via MultiplierApp on the social networks you have registered. If this post is deleted or if your social network is not registered, all your data will be deleted. If you want to delete all data from your account or if you need to consult the data we have about you or delete it at any time in accordance with the LGPD - General Data Protection Regulation and GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation, access our portal in and visit the link ‘I want to unsubscribe from my social network’ located at the bottom of the page, follow the steps and a link will be forwarded to you to access, consult, download or delete the data. If you have lost access to this email or phone, please send an email to or via chat at and we will help you.

12. GLOSSARY: for the purposes of this document, the following definitions and descriptions should be considered for your better understanding:

12.1. ACCOUNT: is the way in which the USER is represented when accessing certain restricted areas, exclusive functionalities of the websites, applications and services offered by the NTV Group, generally corresponding to a set of data that represents the USER (such as registration data) and other data relevant to ensure a more appropriate and complete relationship between the NTV Group and the USER (such as recording activities carried out by the USER on the websites, applications and services offered by the NTV Group).

12.2. COOKIES: small files or data packages sent by NTV Group to the USER's device to identify him and collect information that will help NTV Group to improve the services provided to the USER.

12.3. CREDENTIALS: is the set of data that the USER uses to authenticate when accessing certain restricted areas and/or exclusive functionalities of the websites, applications and services offered by NTV Group. Generally, such data are login and password, but may include additional data that assist in the authentication process.

12.4. DATA: set of Anonymized Data and Personal Data.

12.5. ANONYMIZED DATA: is information that, alone or together with other Anonymized Data, does not allow the identification of a person, considering the use of reasonable technical means available at the time of its treatment. They may include gender, age and geolocation (such as the city you are in) and statistical data.

12.6. PERSONAL DATA: are information related to the identified or identifiable natural person. They may include, for example, name, address, email, telephone, debit/credit card number, IP address and geolocation data.

12.7. PERSON IN CHARGE OR DATA PROTECTION OFFICER (DPO): person (individual or legal entity) appointed by NTV Group responsible for acting as a communication channel between NTV Group, the USER and government authorities in matters related to this Privacy Policy and the use, collection and Data processing by NTV Group, in accordance with the LGPD - General Data Protection Law and GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation.
12.8. NTV GROUP: all subsidiary companies controlled by the economic group represented by the legal entity NTV – New Television Comunicação S/A. (CNPJ 10.942.801/0001-20).

12.9. IP ADDRESS: Internet Protocol address associated with the device used by the USER. Each IP Address corresponds to an alphanumeric set that, together with other information, helps to uniquely identify the device that the USER is using to access the internet and, therefore, to access websites, applications and services offered by NTV Group.

13. APPLICABLE LAW: means the legislation applicable to the relationship between NTV Group and the USER, which may vary due to:

13.1. Place of provision of services;
13.2. Place of residence or residence of one of the Parties, including the USER;
13.3. Other factors pointed out in specific legislation. The NTV Group is represented in several countries and is subject, in addition to Brazilian legislation, to several other regulations, including the LGPD – General Data Protection Law and GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation.
13.4.LOGS: records of USER activities carried out on the websites, applications and services provided by NTV Group.

13.5. PRIVACY POLICY: means, together, this Global Privacy Policy - NTV Group and its attachments, as well as other documents expressly referenced in this Global Privacy Policy - NTV Group.

13.6. USERS: people who access or interact with the functionalities offered by the websites, applications and services offered by the NTV Group. The USER must have the legal capacity to accept and consent to this Privacy Policy and other documents of the NTV Group. If the USER does not have such capacity, he declares that he has previously obtained all the necessary authorizations to accept this Privacy Policy and other documents presented by NTV Group.

14. DATA COLLECTION: NTV Groupmay collect USER Data as it provides us, directly or indirectly, in accessing and using the websites, applications and services offered by NTV Group or by partners who have been duly authorized by NTV Group (and who follow NTV Group's data privacy guidelines in accordance with this policy). We also explain what Cookies consist of and how the USER can manage them; Data will be collected:

14.1. When inserted or submitted voluntarily by USERS on websites, applications and services offered by NTV Group, such as Account creation, navigation, interaction with content and acquisition of services;
14.2. When the USER submits third-party data to the NTV Group (such as friend data). NTV Group may use them in accordance with this Privacy Policy, the USER declaring that he has obtained the necessary consent and authorization from the third parties in question to submit such Data for knowledge and registration by NTV Group, keeping NTV Group harmless;
14.3. When the Data is submitted automatically and without the need for any action by USERS, such as through Cookies;
14.4. From partners who have obtained authorization to share them with the NTV Group.

14.5. The information that NTV Group collects may include, but is not limited to:

14.5.1. Name;
14.5.2. Gender;
14.5.3. CPF;
14.5.4. Email address;
14.5.5. Postal code;
14.5.6. Telephone number and recordings (if there is contact with the USER);
14.5.7. Date of birth;
14.5.8. Payment Information;
14.5.9. Information about the device's browser and operating system;
14.5.10. IP adress;
14.5.11. Visited pages;
14.5.12. Links and buttons clicked;
14.5.13. Contacts directory;
14.5.14. Biometric data (such as, but not limited to, face photo).

14.6. NTV Group is not responsible for the veracity, inaccuracy or outdatedness of the information and Data provided by the USER, being the responsibility of the USER to provide them accurately and update them. NTV Group may periodically request that the USER update the information provided and the Data provided.

14.7. NTV Group may use Cookies or other more recent technologies of anonymous identifiers for audience control, navigation, security and advertising (“Cookies”), and the USER agrees to this use by accepting this Privacy Policy. Cookies used by NTV Group can be classified in several ways:

14.7.1. As for validity: Session: are temporary and remain until the web page or browser is closed. They can be used in e-commerce (for the USER to continue browsing and not lose what he has placed in the cart, for example), to analyze internet traffic patterns and to provide better experience and contextualized content to USERS. Permanent: persist even if the browser has been closed. They can be used to remember USER login and password information, for example, or to ensure a better user experience between different sessions.

14.7.2. As for the property: Own: are owned by the NTV Group, which has full control over Cookies. From Third Parties: are owned by third parties, but included in the USERS device through the websites, applications and services offered by the NTV Group.

14.7.3. As for the purpose: Strictly necessary: essential to allow the USER to use the websites, applications and services offered by NTV Group, which could not be correctly offered without these Cookies. These are usually Session and Own. Performance: collect anonymous information about how USERS use and interact with the websites, applications and services offered by NTV Group, allowing their profiles to be recognized and visits and interactions to be counted. They are usually own. Functionality: they allow NTV Group to remember choices made by USERS (such as login and location) and provide more personal experiences, in addition to allowing eventual customizations (when available). This information can be anonymized (becoming Anonymized Data) and does not track activities outside the websites, applications and services offered by the NTV Group. They are generally Own and Permanent. Analytics and advertising: allow NTV Group advertisers to deliver more relevant ads and information to USERS. They are also used to limit the number of times the USER views certain ads and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They remember certain USER preferences and are used to help profile them in order to improve the USER experience. They are generally permanent and may be from Third Parties such as Google Analytics. From social media: allow the USER to connect with social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other social networks. They are usually permanent and third-party. Security: help NTV Group monitor fraudulent activities and protect user data from unauthorized access. They are generally permanent and Third Party.

14.7.4. The USER may not accept Cookies to use the websites, applications and services offered by NTV Group, but in these situations NTV Group cannot guarantee the correct functioning of these websites, applications and services offered. Cookies can be accepted, deleted or rejected through management tools of the browser used by the USER.

14.8. NTV Group may use Google Analytics and Google ReCaptcha to collect and process Data, in accordance with Google policies available at, and with which the USER fully agrees by accepting this Privacy Policy. Any use made by Google or its partners of USER Data collected through these tools will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of Google, NTV Group being exempt from any liability resulting from such use.

14.9. The NTV Group may use tools for audience segmentation, and the USER may opt-out at any time.

14.10. NTV Group will also record the activities carried out by the USER on the websites, applications and services provided by NTV Group, creating logs that may include, but are not limited to:

14.10.1. USER's IP address;
14.10.2. Actions taken by the USER on the websites, applications and services provided by the NTV Group;
14.10.3. Addresses of the pages and screens accessed by the USER on the websites, applications and services provided by the NTV Group;
14.10.4. Dates and times of each USER action on the websites, applications and services provided by the NTV Group, in addition to the access you make to the pages and screens and the tools and functionalities you use;
14.10.5. Information about the device used by the USER, operating system version, browser, among other installed applications and software;
14.10.6. Session and User ID, when available;
14.10.7. USER's connection type, such as Wi-Fi or cellular networks (EDGE, 3G and 4G, for example);
14.10.8. Geolocation.

14.11. Other technologies may be used to obtain USER navigation data. However, they will always respect the terms of this Privacy Policy and the USER's options regarding their collection and storage, and the USER will be informed in advance in case of any changes. If other Data than those listed above start to be collected, the USER will be previously informed.

14.12. Information collected by NTV Group may be combined with information collected by other sources (including third-party partners) or from other technologies.

15.USE OF DATA: Data may only be accessed by NTV Group companies, partners, subcontractors and authorities. However, if the USER accesses features or websites of partners, he will be subject to the practices and policies of these partners. We also list the uses we will make of the Data collected from USERS. Data collected from USERS may be used for the following purposes:

15.1. Identification, authentication and authorization;
15.2. Properly respond to requests and queries, as well as provide support to USERS;
15.3. Keep records updated for contact by telephone, email, SMS, direct mail or other means of communication;
15.4. Improve the use and interactive experience while browsing the websites, applications and services provided by the NTV Group;
15.5. Carry out statistics, studies, research, project planning and surveys relevant to the USER's activities and behavior when using the websites, applications and services provided by the NTV Group, carrying out such operations in an anonymized manner with Anonymized Data;
15.6. Promote the services of the NTV Group and its partners, in addition to informing about news, functionalities, contents, news and other relevant information for maintaining the relationship with the NTV Group;
15.7. Protect NTV Group from rights and obligations related to the use of websites, applications and services provided by NTV Group;
15.8. Collaborate and/or comply with a court order or request by an administrative authority, as well as comply with obligations to preventively report certain activities to the competent authorities;
15.9. Proceed with payment requests made by USERS;
15.10. Send newsletters and emails that the USER has expressly agreed to receive;
15.11. Manage risks and detect, prevent and/or remedy fraud or other potentially illegal or prohibited activities, as well as violations of applicable policies or terms of use;
15.12. Share payment information between the companies of the NTV Group, in order to facilitate the USERS' experience when using the websites, applications and services offered by the NTV Group;
15.13. Consult the Data in private and public bureaus to verify that they are correct, update them or request additional data.

15.14. The use, access and sharing of the database formed under the terms of this Privacy Policy will be carried out within the limits and purposes of the activities of the NTV Group, and may be provided and made available for access and/or consultation by the companies that are part of the NTV Group, in addition to from business partners, suppliers, service providers, subcontractors, authorities or third parties in general, provided that the provisions of this Privacy Policy, the Applicable Law or by court order are complied with.

15.15. Sensitive USER data, such as personal data about racial or ethnic origin, religious conviction, political opinion, union membership or organization of a religious, philosophical or political nature, data referring to health or sex life, genetic or biometric data, when linked to a natural person, will be shared exclusively with the consent of the USER.

15.16. The sharing of USER Data may be done with entities located outside the USER's country of residence (such as countries in the European Economic Area, South America or North America). In these cases, the processing, treatment, use and sharing of the Data will be done in accordance with the Applicable Law and this Privacy Policy. In particular, when there is a transfer of Data originating from the European Economic Area to countries that have not been recognized by the competent authorities as offering an adequate level of protection, the NTV Group will guarantee the use of the appropriate tools and measures (such as the Standard Contractual Clauses of the European Commission).

15.17. The NTV Group undertakes to safeguard the financial and banking secrecy of its customers and USERS by not sharing this information with companies with which the USER has not agreed. The USER acknowledges that NTV Group is obliged to comply with a series of legal obligations arising from the Applicable Legislation related to the identity of its customers and the origin of the funds it operates. In this way, NTV Group is authorized to request, and the USER is obliged to provide, additional documents and information, including for performing know-your-customer procedures and preventing money laundering. The information obtained by the NTV Group in response to the questions raised will be treated as confidential information.

15.18. NTV Group is authorized to share data required by the Applicable Legislation with the competent authorities and with third parties that need to have access to the Data in order to prepare/validate reports on the activities of NTV Group under said legislation.

15.19. The USER is responsible for the secrecy, use and all acts in the use of Credentials such as, but not limited to, login, password and authentication token. If the USER identifies or suspects that a third party has access to his password, he must change it directly in the systems or services. The sharing of Credentials resulting from the USER's action constitutes a violation of this Privacy Policy.

15.20. From now on, the USER is aware that the NTV Group will be able to:

15.20.1. The anonymization of Personal Data, making them Anonymized Data;

15.20.2.The enrichment of its database, adding information from other legitimate sources - including those arising from databases of other companies of the NTV Group;
15.20.3. The processing of Personal Data based on the legitimate interest of the NTV Group, as provided for in the Applicable Law. The USER expressly consents to such activities by agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

15.21. The USER acknowledges and agrees that NTV Group may use the Data to profile the USER, in order to improve its services or comply with the Applicable Law, including, but not limited to, obligations to know-your-customer. The USER's profile will be shared exclusively under the terms of this Privacy Policy or the Applicable Law.

15.22. Internally, the Data will only be accessed by professionals duly authorized by the NTV Group, respecting the principles of purpose, adequacy and necessity, among others provided for in the Applicable Legislation, for the purposes of the NTV Group, in addition to the commitment to confidentiality and preservation of privacy in the terms of this Privacy Policy.

15.23. Anonymized Data may be collected, processed, stored, used, transferred and disclosed for any purpose, regardless of the USER's authorization.

15.24. The NTV Group has commercial partners that can offer services through functionalities or sites accessed from the sites, applications and services provided by the NTV Group. The Data provided by the USER to these partners will be the responsibility of the partners, thus being subject to their own data collection and use practices, without incurring any burden on the NTV Group in relation to said Data.

15.25. The NTV Group values the security and inviolability of the USER's Credentials. For this reason, it constantly searches and monitors the internet in its various layers in order to identify, collect and process for validation purposes (authentication tests) logins and passwords potentially belonging to USERS that have been improperly published on the internet by third parties.

15.26. If, through authentication tests, NTV Group finds that the USER's Credentials have been compromised (made accessible to third parties), NTV Group - for security reasons and in order to prevent inappropriate access by third parties to the USER's Account and Data - will pre-emptively block the USER's Credentials. If there are any doubts - including how to unlock the Credentials - the USER can consult the terms of use on the websites, applications and services provided by NTV Group, or contact NTV Group's call center.

16. DATA STORAGE: The Data collected is stored in a safe place. At any time, the USER may request the display, correction or deletion of his Data. Except in specific cases, we may keep the Data collected for legal compliance, auditing and preservation of rights, for the period necessary to fulfill these responsibilities.

16.1. The collected data will be stored in a safe and controlled environment. However, considering that no security system is infallible, the NTV Group disclaims any responsibility for any damages and/or losses resulting from failures, viruses or invasions of the database of the sites, applications and services offered by the NTV Group, except in the cases where there is intent or negligence. However, if NTV Group identifies that any of these situations has occurred, it will notify the affected USERS informing them that there has been a violation of their Data and indicating that they adopt the appropriate measures.

16.2. The Data obtained from the USER may be stored on the NTV Group's own server or on a third party contracted for this purpose, whether allocated in Brazil or abroad, and may also be stored using cloud computing technology and/or others that may arise in the future, always aiming at improving and perfecting the activities of the NTV Group. NTV Group will ensure that the third parties that eventually maintain the servers where the Data are stored maintain security and control standards in accordance with the applicable legal standards.

16.3. Through the service tools made available on the websites, applications and services offered by the NTV Group, the USER is allowed (subject to proving his/her identity):

16.3.1. Request access to the Data, including its display, rectification with the correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data or deletion/deletion of Personal Data concerning you;
16.3.2. Request the elimination/deletion of all your Personal Data collected and registered by NTV Group provided that the contract between the USER and NTV Group has ended, the Account canceled and the minimum legal term for purposes of NTV Group's legal obligations has elapsed ;
16.3.3. Revoke consent to the further collection, processing, use and processing of Personal Data concerning you or restrict the processing of Personal Data. This will not affect the legality of the treatment and processing of Personal Data carried out before the revocation, based on your consent or in the legitimate interest of the NTV Group. The revocation of consent may prevent the USER from fully using or even making the use of the websites, applications and services offered by the NTV Group unfeasible;
16.3.4. Request the portability of your Data;
16.3.5. Request that NTV Group no longer use Personal Data for marketing purposes.

16.4. Even if the USER has requested the deletion of his data and revoked his consent, in some specific cases NTV Group may be subject to Laws and regulations that make it impossible to delete/revoke the Data.

16.5. The USER's Personal Data will also be deleted when they are no longer necessary, except in the event of legal or contractual justification for their maintenance, for example, to comply with any legal obligation to retain data or the need to preserve them to preserve legitimate rights and interests. one of the parties involved in the contract.

16.6. The USERS' privacy settings and the products and resources that the USER uses influence the USER Data that will be obtained by the NTV Group.

16.7. NTV Groupmay, for purposes of auditing and preservation of rights, retain the registration history of the USER's Data, with NTV Group having the option of definitively deleting them at its convenience or in the cases in which the law or regulatory rule requires. NTV Group may also keep the Anonymized Data and the anonymized version of the Data for statistical purposes and studies, even after the USER requests deletion or after the end of the legal retention period.

17. GENERAL PROVISIONS: We can update this document at any time. So, check it often. If we outsource any activity, we will ensure that contracted companies comply with all provisions of this document.

17.1. The content of this Privacy Policy may be updated or modified at any time, according to the purpose or convenience of the NTV Group, such as for adequacy and legal compliance with a provision of law or rule that has equivalent legal force, and it is up to the CLIENT to always verify it who access the websites, applications or services offered by the NTV Group.

17.2. In the event of updates to this document, NTV Group will notify the CLIENT through the tools available on the websites, applications and services provided by NTV Group and/or means of contact provided by the CLIENT. The CUSTOMER will be bound by the new terms of this document from the delivery of the notification about the updates.

17.3. The CUSTOMER may contact us via email or in the communication channels available on the portal to clarify any doubts regarding the provisions contained in this Privacy Policy.

17.4 If it considers that NTV Group has violated any legal provision or this Privacy Policy, the CUSTOMER has the right to file a complaint with the appropriate supervisory authority, in addition to contacting NTV Group directly.

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