Quality Commitment

We are unique in the market and we are always reinventing ourselves to bring you the best service! We are writing a new story in world live commerce, enabling the creation of virtual communities, multiplication of lives, increased audience, engagement and sales on social networks.

We are currently integrated with Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and new social networks are on the way. Transparency is one of our pillars, so it is worth mentioning that today we have a success rate of over 95% on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

In context, we know of only 4 apps in the world that allow you to go live on Instagram as an administrator. Transmissions are paid individually and can only be performed on one Instagram at a time, with the need to copy and paste the transmission code for each Live.

MultiplierApp, with its unique mass streaming technology already tested and approved by numerous customers, has extended its simultaneous streaming expertise to hundreds and even thousands of Instagrams.

However, as this is something that has never been done before, we are constantly evolving, maintaining the same 95% success rate as other social networks on Instagram, even if that means facing unprecedented technological challenges in the worldwide streaming market to be able to provide this multiplication in high scale on social networks.

We understand that it is not up to you to invest beyond what was contracted, and above all, beyond your expectations. For this reason, if there are occasional failures in Instagrams registered in their channels, we undertake to proportionally refund these failures in credits in the system.

Because our greatest commitment is the satisfaction of our customers!

Good Lives!

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