If you need to 

multiply sales through affiliate or bonus links

we have something amazing to show you!

Multiply results activating up to 95% of your sales database, even paralyzed!

How can you leverage your business or platform? With SELLING FOR YOU you can...

  • Place the "Selling for You" button on each product or service offered, allowing people to register their social networks when joining.
  • Activate 95% of your sales database, including inactive ones, which until now you didn't know you could sell through them to their followers, automatically and on a large scale.
  • Make sure your sales are made by people who really understand your products or services, multiplying results, engagements, conversions and retentions.
  • Take advantage of the videos already produced by your best sellers, with validated sales results, and use them throughout your sales network, commissioning the producers of these videos based on sales results.
  • Increase your profit margin in the shared revenue model, as affiliates do not need to make any sales efforts and 100% of those registered sell correctly;
  • Reach 10,000,000 potential impacts per month, gathering 500 social networks with 1,000 followers on average, making 5 weekly broadcasts.
  • And much more!

In short...

Does it increase my sales?

Better than that: multiplies!

In addition to creating a new sales network, you are creating an efficient community, aligned with your future results.
Starting with active and inactive ones that already exist, now anyone can become an active seller with no sales effort and this allows you to multiply your Affiliates as well!

It is free?

Better than that: everyone wins!

Partnership on results is success when everyone wins.
Its new sales network allows for new rules, coexisting with the current ones.
Part of the margin generated by the decrease in commission for 'effortless sales' Affiliates covers costs and can increase profits!

Is it innovative?

Get ahead in your segment!

Is it disruptive? Yes, and it is unique in the world, but innovating is the only way to take advantage of opportunities and consolidate results.
It's safe? Yes, because it uses everything you already have, multiplying the equation with influencers, activating thousands of points of sale on social networks through anyone.

How to integrate my business


It's super easy: With our API you automatically connect Affiliates and we only look for the final result of sales per campaign.

that simple.

More information

  • Take advantage and take a free trial now.
  • We have plans in shared revenue, monthly, daily or campaign formats.
  • For more information, contact us.
  • But attention, availability is limited!

Imagine the results of a mega broadcast network made up of 100, 1,000, 10,000 social networks publishing live at the same time, even with videos already recorded and as they have previously authorized this, even if they are disconnected or with cell phones turned off, now you sell directly to all their followers, without communication noise and on a scale never seen before on the internet via social networks...

500 social networks registered on your channel


Average across your network of  1.000 friends, followers, or subscribers per social network


5 streams per week, real LIVEs or Autolives


 10.000.000 potential live impacts per month.

This is not a miracle, but it seems... You just multiplied the TIME of thousands of people...


What is the main advantage of Selling for You?

You already provide your links to infoproducts, stores or products on marketplaces, direct sales and bonuses, offers or discounts on your platform...
But despite having thousands of people registered and ready to sell, 5% or less of them actually advertise and sell their products or services…
Have you ever stop to ask yourself why?
You are vying for the most precious thing they have:


Why it multiplies time and sales?

Your Affiliates need to manually post their offers on social media in order to sell. In a world with more than 1 trillion impacts per day and with so much competition and business opportunities available on the internet, you compete with all of this, in addition to their time dedicated to their family, daily activities, etc.
It's impossible to buy them more time... Well, until now it was...
With SELLING FOR YOU, multiplying people's time has become a reality. You already know that MultiplierApp is the only app in the world capable of creating mega broadcasters on social networks, connecting people and making them all go live at the same time, even with their cell phones turned off and even with recorded videos.

How do Affiliates connect?

You invite your Affiliates through a link, which can be sent by any digital means (triggered within your own platform, via mailing, WhatsApp, etc.) and the Affiliates can copy and paste their own sales links, or all of this can be integrated and automatic, via API upon request, freeing up their social networks so that you can publish the contents of your infoproducts, products or services directly and whenever you want on registered social networks.

Do I pay anything to register Affiliates?

No. And even better: registering for Affiliate social networks is free and unlimited! This way, you can even use the networks registered on your channel in rotation, putting different social networks in 'on' status at each live boadcast.

Can any social network go live with me at the same time?

Yes, and that's what makes SELLING FOR YOU so powerful when multiplying audience, engagement and sales! In addition to your social networks (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), all people who register their social networks on your channel will go live at the same time, even with pre-recorded videos, just upload the videos by scheduling the date and time in the system.

Do I need any specific equipment to broadcast my LIVEs?

It is not necessary. The platform works on any device with internet access: computer, tablet or cell phone.

Do I need any other software to stream my LIVEs?

It is not necessary. Using LIVE Studio, the only thing you will need is an internet browser: Chrome, Firefox, etc. But if you prefer, you can use software that uses RTMP with a transmission key, such as: ZOOM, OBS, vMix, Wirecast etc, sending us the signal and multiplying your broadcasts!

Do I need good internet speed to stream my LIVEs?

This is important, but not mandatory. When using LIVE Studio in 'webrtc' mode, where you choose cameras or audio and video cards connected to your equipment, the platform adapts in real time to your internet connection speed. But it is worth remembering that the better your connection, the better the quality of the transmission.

How do we handle your data?

We comply with the LGPD / GDPR and social media best practices as detailed in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

SELLING FOR YOU: that simple.


In compliance with the GDPR you can view or download your data or disconnect your social networks whenever you want by clicking on:


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